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    Nutritional Facts


     Red Chicken Enchiladas  Cals:404  P:36G C:26G F:5G
    Allergens: Dairy 

    Enchiladas Suizas 

     Cals:406 P:49G C:36G F: 10G
    Allergens: Dairy

    Keto Enchiladas Suizas 

     Cals:288  P:49G C:8.7G F: 6.1G
    Allergens: Dairy


    Keto Red Chicken Enchiladas

    Cals:282 P:41.9G C:14.2G F:8.7G

    Allergens: Dairy 

    Chicken Barbacoa With Rice and Pinto Beans 

     Cals:322 P:32G C:44G F:0.7G


    Low Carb Chicken Parm 

    Cals:231 P:29G C:22.1G F:4G

    Allergens : Dairy

    Low Carb Alfredo 

    Cals:378 P:46G C:14G F:11G

    Allergens : Dairy

    Chicken Quesadilla

     Cals:300 P:31G C:21G F:10G

    Allergens : Dairy

    Pulled BBQ chicken With Cauliflower Mac N Cheese 

    Cals:317 P:34G C:20G F:11G

    Allergens :Dairy

    Chipotle Chicken Wrap

    Cals:397 P:40G C:36G F:9G

    Allergens :Dairy

    Santa Fe Chicken Wrap 

    Cals:414G P:33G C:52G F:8G

    Allergens: Dairy

    Spicy Cashew Chicken With Cauliflower Fried Rice 

    Cals:324 P:34.4G C:8.7G F:6.8G

    Allergens : Nuts, Dairy

    Buffalo Chicken Tenders With Potato Wedges:

    Cals:267 P:37G C:18G F:4G

    Allergens : Nuts





    Red Beef Enchiladas 

     Cals:530 P:30G C:44G F:4G


     Teriyaki Ground Beef With

    Rice and Broccoli Beef

    Cals:382 P:32G C:25G F:9G

    Allergens : 

    Keto Carne Asada Fries

    Cals:339 P:33.7 C: 6.2 F:19G

    Allergens : Dairy

    Beef Chili Fries 

    Cals:235 P:24 C:36 F:11

    Allergens :Dairy

    Garlic Butter Steak With Broccoli

    Cals:310 P:33G C:6G F:15G

    Allergens :Soy

    Mexicali Bowl 

    Cals:461 P:40G C:39G F:16G

    Allergens :Dairy

    Teriyaki beef With Cauliflower Fried Rice 

    Cals:196 P:32G C:8G F:5G

    Allergens : 

    Honey Sriracha Beef with Mixed Veggies 

     Cals:468 P:38G C:22G F:25


    Birria with Cauliflower Mexican Rice

     Cals:325 P:36G C:5G F:17G




    Turkey Pesto Burger 

    Cals:370 P:31G C:38G F:15G


    BBQ Turkey Burger 

     Cals:247 P:24G C:33G F:0.2G


    Chipotle Turkey Bacon Burger 

    Cals: 540 P:47G C:32G F:25G

    Allergens:Wheat, Dairy

    Chili Cheese Fries 

    Cals:235 P:24G C:36G F:11G


    BBQ Turkey Meatballs With rice and Bell Peppers 

    Cals:263 P:28G C:16.7G F:9.6G


    BBQ Turkey Meatballs with Cauliflower Mac N Cheese

    Cals:280 P:23G C:3G F:20G


    Honey Sriracha Meatballs and Rice & Mixed Veggies

    Cals:468 P:38G C:22G F:25G


    Soyrizo Turkey Meatballs With Rice 

    Cals:251 P22G C:27G F:6G

    Allergens: Soy

    Cilantro Zest Wrap

    Cals:361 P:13G C:20G F:11G





    Red Chilaquiles With Egg Whites 

     Cals:208 P:13G C:17G F:6G

    Allergens: Dairy , Egg

    Green Chilaquiles with Egg Whites 

    Cals:232 P:24G C:21G F:4G

    Allergens:Dairy, Egg 

    Breakfast Quesadilla

    Cals:302 P:32G C:18G F:23G

    Allergens:Egg,, Dairy

    Xcellent Slam

    Cals:233 P:25G C:7G

    Allergens: Egg

    Oreo Pancakes 

    Cals:235 P:8G C:36G F:7G


    Churro Pancakes 

    Cals:179 P:7G C:22G F:7G


    Churro French toast :

    Cals:145 P:6G C:22G F:4G