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    Terms Of Service

    PARTIES: This XCELLENT NUTRTION  Billing Agreement and Release of Liability (the “Agreement”) is between XCELLENT NUTRITION, “us” or “we”) and you (also referred to herein as “Client” or “Buyer”). XCELLENT NUTRITION  and Client agree that Client is purchasing from XCELLENT NUTRITION , for the benefit of Client, XCELLENT NUTRITION meal prep services (“Services”) according to the terms of this Agreement. Notice to Client/Buyer: You are entitled to a copy of this agreement at the time you sign it. 



    Buying Meals: When you buy a Meal through any of our Services (such purchase, a “Transaction”), we may ask you to supply additional information relevant to your Transaction, including, without limitation, your credit-card number, the expiration date of your credit card, and your address(es) for billing and delivery (such information, “Payment Information”). You represent and warrant that you have the legal right to use all payment method(is) represented by any such Payment Information, whether you provide it in the course of a Transaction or in connection with your Account. When you initiate a Transaction, you authorize us to provide your Payment Information to third parties so we can complete your Transaction and to charge your payment method for the type of Transaction you have selected; you may need to provide additional information to verify your identity before completing your Transaction (such information is included within the definition of Payment Information).


    Modifications to Future Orders: In order to make a modification to your subscription, you agree to emailing This email is to be used for any changes in your account such as: making pauses to your next scheduled billing period, updating any food restrictions or allergies, or making meal modifications to your meal plan. ALL of these modifications need to be requested via email 48 HOURS PRIOR TO THURSDAY. Please note any emails sent after Thursday will not be applied until the following order date. All emails sent after 5pm  are subject to response on the next business day.You are responsible for including your full name, the plan you are currently enrolled in, phone number, and request. If the request consists of a pause on your billing period, you are to give us an effective and return date from when you wish to pause and pick up again. 

    Please note:  This must be done by 48 hours prior to THURSDAY.  You cannot skip or pause an order that is already charged. 


    Pickup Days: Your pick up days are disclosed on your initial Welcome Email or Order Update email Sent by Please allow 24 hours for an Xcellent Nutrition Team Member to reach out to you via email after placing your order.

     You agree on these pickup dates along with the pickup times. If you are not able to pick up, we are to hold the for ONE additional business day after the original pick up scheduled date. If the meals are not picked up, then we have will dispose of the bag due storage purposes.  


    All Sales Are Final: But if something unexpected happens in the course of fulfilling your order, we reserve the right to cancel your order for any reason; if we cancel your order we may refund any payment you may already have remitted to us at our discretion. 

    Auto Renew: By entering into these Terms, you acknowledge that the Xcellent Nutrition Meal Plan you select has weekly recurring payment features and you accept responsibility for all recurring payment obligations prior to cancellation of your membership or subscription by you via email. We may also periodically authorize your payment method in anticipation of applicable fees or related charges.

    Memberships and subscriptions continue until cancelled by you by email request to, all cancellation emails are to be sent 48 HOURS PRIOR to your next scheduled billing period. Please note any emails sent after 5pm are subject to response on the next business day. The particular Xcellent Nutrition Meal Plan is cancelled by us or we terminate access to or use of the Services in accordance with these Terms.

    Meal Plans auto renew at full price for all products unless otherwise agreed upon between you, the member, and us. If you allow for auto renew to take place without prior notice for cancellation you are agreeing to continue use of service and no refund will be issued. 


    Cancellation of a Xcellent Nutrition Meal Plan. To cancel your Xcellent Nutrition membership  email us at email us by Tuesday bat 4pm. Please note any emails sent after 5pm are subject to response on the next business day. You are responsible for including your full name, the plan you are currently enrolled in, phone number, and cancellation request. AS STATED ABOVE, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A REFUND OF ANY PORTION OF THE MEMBERSHIP FEES PAID FOR THE THEN CURRENT MEMBERSHIP PERIOD OR ANY PENDING MEAL PLANS. THIS CANCELLATION WILL PREVENT ANY ADDITIONAL ORDERS FROM BEING PLACED.


    Please note:  This also must be requested 48 hours prior to your next billing date. Please note any emails sent after 5pm are subject to response on the next business day..


    Promotions: Xcellent Nutrition may offer promotional discounts or free trials for a specified period of time. If we offer you a promotional discount free trial, the specific terms of your free trial will be provided at registration and/or in the promotional materials describing the offer. These promotions may not be combined with any other offer and can be limited to specific Xcellent Nutrition products or Meal Plans. Unless you cancel your membership or subscription prior to the end of your promotional discount/ free trial, we will begin charging your payment method on an auto renewal basis for the applicable product/program until you cancel your membership or subscription. Instructions for cancellations are stated above under the Section titled “Cancellation”. You will not receive a notice from us that your free trial has ended or that the paid portion of the applicable membership or subscription has begun. We reserve the right to modify or terminate promotional discounts or free trials at any time, without notice and in our sole discretion.


    Restrictions: Restrictions are ingredients or ingredient categories that you (the member) wish to avoid in your meals or add on items. Weekly Menus are sent out every Monday and Wednesdays a week in advance.  The member is responsible for providing meal choices via by Wednesday at 4pm  PST. . In the event we do not have the Members request submitted by Wednesday at 4pm. The Member is subject to the standard meal menu for the week in accordance to allergies and restricrtions.  Xcellent Nutrition will only make substitutions to meals based on the restriction list sent in "Welcome Email" when there are no menu options available that suit the members needs. All member allergies should be included in Welcome Email Response.

    Xcellent Nutrition is a portion-controlled weight loss program and healthy meal prep service. Please consult your physician before beginning any other weight loss program, as changing your diet or exercise, or losing weight, may affect some medical conditions and medications. Your physician may need to adjust your medications due to changes in your diet, exercise, or weight while on this program.


    Contact and Communication You may contact Xcellent Nutrition by emailing or calling (562)340-5371. We do not guarantee that any communication requests made outside of these channels will be satisfied. Xcellent Nutrition does not service accounts via Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) communication. It is used solely as a marketing channel and any requests for account management through these channels cannot be guaranteed.