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    Mazapan Protein Shake Recipe

    Mazapan Protein Shake Recipe

    Hey guys Vanessa here again!

    I can totally relate how drinking protein can be annoying when you hate drinking protein. Especially after starting your fitness journey I hate protein shakes that taste chalky.. I mean..I have yet to meet a person that does  I am the type of person to go for a great tasting protein. Flavor over chalky. in my opinion. 

    so I've been asked to share some more recipes using our Vanilla Protein Powder.

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    Top 5 Snacks for Weight-loss

    Top 5 Snacks for Weight-loss

    Top 5 Snacks for Weight-loss

    2020 has been a WTF year hasn't it?

    I mean gyms closed for most of the year and everyones life was sorda put thier health on stand by. 

    Gyms closing do not have to be reason why you give up on your fitness jouney.


    Fitness starts with what you eat. To become fit you must first make your mind fit, By choosing better food choices and you do that by constantly practicing.


    Here my Top 5 Snacks for Weightloss!


    1. Cucumber with Lemon and low sodium Tajin

    2. Bell peppers with Hummus 

    3. Celery with cream Cheese and everything but the bagel seasoning ( chefs kiss on this one) 

    4. Berries ( these can be Strawberries, Blueberries, Black Berries, and Raspberries)

    5. Green Machine


    The reason why I chose snacks is because they are mostly water. Water is a big plus in weight loss and it helps flush out nasty toxins that make you sick.